Masjid Bilal's Legacy

Masjid Bilal has been a part of Los Angeles history for over sixty years. Discover the rich history and tradition of our community.

Bilal Learning Center

Masjid Bilal's state-of-the-art educational complex is home to the Center for Advanced Learning Charter School. 

 Look What we're Building

We are constructing a new Masjid and community center in the heart of Los Angeles. See the latest photos showing this historic effort.

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Masjid Bilal Islamic Center

4016 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90011        

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Eid ul adha celebration 2022

Masjid Bilal Islamic Center hosted a beautiful Eid celebration on Saturday, July 9. For the first time, Eid prayer took place inside our new masjid, which is still under construction.  

Latino Muslims Take Their Shahada at Masjid Bilal Islamic Center

During the month of Ramadan, 12 Latino Muslims took their shahada (declaration of Islamic faith) at Masjid Bilal Islamic Center in Los Angeles. Latinos represents the fastest growing group of Muslims in America. Watch this powerful video clip!


Ahmed Radwan discusses "The Roadmap to Janna" in this short video clip recorded at King Fahad Mosque in Culver City, California. Watch this important message!

News Report: The Construction of Masjid Bilal Islamic Center 

Watch this special news report about the construction of Masjid Bilal Islamic Center in Los Angeles. Built from the ground, this new facility will feature the tallest minaret in California.

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Our Family's Evolution:

From Nationalism to Al-Islam

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