"> About Masjid Bilal Islamic Center

About Masjid Bilal Islamic Center

Located a few miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, Masjid Bilal Islamic Center has a rich history and tradition that spans more than half a century. Located at 4016 S. Central Ave, the community has played an essential role in the growth of Muslims throughout the Southern California area.

Since 1971, Imam Abdul-Karim Hasan has been the religious leader of this Muslim community. Under his leadership, the community purchased its current property in May of 1973, which would help shape the dynamics for Islamic growth in the city.

During the 70's, Allah blessed Masjid Bilal's propagation efforts, which reached tens of thousands of Americans, including prominent city officials and some of the world's best-known celebrities, who attended our events. In 1974, Abdul Karim Hasan helped establish the State of California's first Muslim Prison Ministry program, becoming an official advisor to the Director of the California Department of Corrections, and was the first Muslim member of the State Advisory Committee for institutional religion (S.A.C.I.R.).

Masjid Bilal Muslims would become the first identifiable large mainstream Islamic community in the city of Los Angeles, and soon spawned other Islamic centers in Southern California.

During the 1980's, our masjid was demolished due to earthquake damage. That would begin our quest to rebuild a new religious, educational and business complex. The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety approved a three-phase plan designed by Asad Khan of Langdon-Wilson International Architecture in 1999. 

Phase one was to build a state of the art educational facility. Construction would begin in 2000 and the Bilal Learning Center would take nearly 7 years to complete. The sixteen-classroom school building was completed in 2007, with the help of Saudi Arabia businessmen and women, Grants from the Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia, Sheik Hajj Muhammad Dakhil and Family, Sister Dalal Muhtadi and Bilal Islamic Center members.

The Bilal Learning Center building has become a bright beacon of light for the city of Los Angeles. It is now home for the Center for Advanced Learning (CAL), a public charter school that educates more than 300 students annually from the surrounding community grades kindergarten through 5th. The school has become highly successful and a leading model for communities throughout Southern California.

In 2007, former City Councilwoman Jan Perry, with the support of the Los Angeles City Council, officially designated the city block where Masjid Bilal is located, as Imam Abdul Karim Hasan Square. It is located at the intersection where Martin Luther King Blvd crosses Central Ave.

Today, Masjid Bilal Islamic Center continues to serve Los Angeles through dedicated community outreach that encourages trust and understanding with our fellow Angelinos.

Our 56,000 sq. ft. property is currently under construction to complete phase two, which is rebuilding Masjid Bilal and a new community center. With Allah's help, the community is determined to forge ahead towards the future with the same determination and energy that has defined our 60-year history.

We invite you to join and support us our effort to bring this new landmark Islamic center to the city of Los Angeles. Make your donation today!